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More than 20 years of sourcing experience

Who We are

Who We Are

During more than 20 years in Asia, Alexandre Rosso had varied commercial and managerial experience, leading multinational, regional sourcing companies. Alexandre Rosso was also leading the sourcing of Casino/Big C Vietnam Global Sourcing, Dairy Farm Hong Kong Sourcing and Carrefour China Sourcing.

Red Group is here to help you to find the right product and meet your goals, especially we understand your challenges of sourcing in Asia as our experiment team have been working more than 15 years to build relationship with suppliers and buyers to fit their needs. 

Red Group Sourcing is not only a sourcing company but also a strong business partner.


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Our Mission

Our Mission

For importers, sourcing and importing from Asia can be full of uncertainties. 

Red Group Sourcing is committed to helping those importers and business owners. 

We work as a sourcing agent and assist our clients in locating, choosing and negotiating products.

Our main objective is to ensure that our clients get the lowest possible price for their desired quality grade. We source vendors, certify factories and products, monitor production and inspect final goods. We can oversee logistics and shipping to the port of destination.

We strongly believe that Communication & Efficiency Improve Quality of Service.